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FOOD - Jarrod & Rawlins


Food @ Jarrod & Rawlins

Food at Jarrod & Rawlins is created with our heart and soul.

We take our breakfasts very seriously – from Full English Breakfasts to Eggs Benedict and Florentine Hollandaise sauce, we always start the day with a ‘bang’ here. Our meats are succulent – the sausages, bacon, ham and other meaty goodness we serve are only of top-notch quality. The selection of sausages here covers a whole range of meats from pork, chicken, beef and lamb with our Lamb & Cranberry sausage being a real favourite.

Worth highlighting is our very own pork knuckle which is prepared to perfection with roast potatoes, bacon and served with homemade prune and apple compote and chili cream sauce. Of course there is also another best seller which is our pork chop with the bone. Thick and juicy with apple sauce, mash or salad on gravy, the pork chop is a must-try.

Our Sunday traditional roast dinners come with a choice of (or mix of) beef, chicken, lamb and pork served with roast potatoes, vegetable, roasted onions, Yorkshire puddings and homemade gravy.

Then there are our J&R steaks. No frills, aged in our chillers for tenderness and flavour and cooked on hot rock char broiler with Sarawak pepper and sea salt, our steaks are served with simple condiments and choice of potato or salad and sauces. We also serve steaks sliced with wasabi soy sauce dip.

When it comes to food, we not only serve quality but also offer a wide range of meats for every meal of the day and as a complement to drinks. We also take pride in our pork ribs, marinated pork belly, pastas and salads as well as our chicken dishes such as the Grilled Chicken Gratin with Cheese & Mushroom Cream.